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Last generation: 29 January 2013

Options that have been used
Option NameOption Value
Main Folder Categorization  Used to define the main categorization (hierarchical folders based on a part of the operations' name, splitted using the upper caracters) of generated classes.As it starts
Sub Folder Categorization  Same usage than the main categorization except that it's for the sub categorization, usefull if you first use the main categorization.As it ends
Method of Gathering Operations  Classes are generated to gather operations based on the operations' name. In order to gather operations based on their name, you decide how the operations must be gathered accordingly to the oprations' name. Its basically the same behaviour than for categorizing the classes by folders.As it starts
Generate Wsdl mother class  Enable or disable the generation of the WsdlClass which will be the main class from which each generated class will inherit. You should always enable this option because this class has several usefull methods and is the core model to initialize the SoapClient and even more.Yes
Generate Autoload File  Enable or disable the generation of the autoload file. The autoload file is useless if you have an clever autoloader.Yes
Generate Tutorial File  Enable or disable the generation of the tutorial/sample file in order to have the starting code to use the generated classes.Yes
Send An Array As Parameter  Enable or disable the usage of one array containing all the parameters when calling the operation instead of passing as many parameters as the operations ask.Yes
Response As A Generated Class Object  Enable or disable the instanciation of an object when getting the result in order to have a WsdlClass generated class object.Yes
Generic Constants Naming  Enable or disable the usage of generic name for constants. The constants are generated when you have enumerations in the WSDL. If enabled, instead of having constant caring the value, cleaned, in its name, it is names with an auto-incremental number suffixing a fixed string.No
Send Parameters In An Array  Is linked with the "Send An Array As Parameter" option. These options are usefull when calling Windows WebServices as SharePoint.No
Inheritance Struct Name  Allow to define the name of the possible main structs from which others struct can ihnerit. By default, the inheritance is detected from the WSDL.

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