What is going on?

  13 August 2013       This post has 0 comment       By Mikaël DELSOL

We are currently working on the new features that should be interesting for those who don't want to write even one line of code. Indeed, when you generate a package online, you can download it and use it to communicate with a SOAP Web service. To help you in this task, the auto-generated sample-{your package name}.php file contains all the starting code to call any operation provided by the Web service. But for some of you, it does not help at all. Why? Because if you didn't develop any PHP code yet or if you're not familair with SOAP, you may be feel uncomfortable with its usage.

So, what if we provide you a Web interface, very intuitive, that shows you only what you need to call any operation provided by the Web service? And of course, you won't have to write even one line of code!

Then, what if we let you read the generated package PHP Doc? You'll only have to click one button once and then wait for at most 5 minutes to be able to read it! PHP doc is a human readable documentation of what the generated package contains, isn't it great to have it?!

This is just the beginning of what we want to provide you! These two fundamentals bricks belongs to what we want to build in the near future.

If you wish to let us know what you expect from these first two features, feel free to contact us.

In the meantime, we're still updating the WsdlToPhp project that you can follow on Github. Each version is marked in the PHP doc block of each generated file so you can know if you have the latest version or not :).

Moreover, we analyze each error occurring when users submit various WSDL so we can provide you targeted error messages for each error type.

See you soon and don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter when submitting a WSDL so you'll be informed regularly ;).