Sample on how to visualize your Amazon S3 buckets list very quickly

  21 October 2013       This post has 0 comment       By Mikaël DELSOL

In the series of blog posts about how to use the new soap client web interface, we are going to show how quickly you can visualize your Amazon S3 buckets list. You would certainly say "by going to my Amazon S3 interface", but we like playing with the soap client web interface so let's do it in a programmatic way without programming anything.

This operation is located in the List folder as it begins with the word List:

Amazon S3 SOAP API operations - WSDL to php

This operation contains only one parameter named amazonS3StructListAllMyBuckets of type AmazonS3StructListAllMyBuckets which is itself defined by three properties:

  1. AWSAccessKeyId
  2. Timestamp
  3. Signature
Amazon S3 SOAP API ListAllMyBuckets operation - WSDL to php

The three property values are:

  • You AWS access key id
  • The timestamp of when you call the operation
  • The signature which is equal to base64_encode(hash_hmac('sha1','AmazonS3' . 'ListAllMyBuckets' . $timestamp,'Your AWS Secret Access Key',true))

After you filled the web form, click on the Send request button to see the result displayed a few seconds after as shown below:

Amazon S3 SOAP API ListAllMyBuckets responses - WSDL to php

That's all! The result speaks by itself. Quick and easy :).