Terms of Use

General Terms & Conditions of www.wsdltophp.com


The present general conditions (hereinafter referred to as "Terms") are the terms of sale of all services (hereinafter referred to as "the Service") of the www.wsdltophp.com Site (hereinafter referred to as "the Service Provider").The Terms apply to all customers who use the Service unless otherwise formalized in a written agreement between both the Service Provider and the Client.

The usage of the Service by the Client causes the express and unreserved acceptance by the latter of these Terms. The Service Provider reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. The client's acceptance of the new Terms of sales will be acted by a click of validation that will act as an electronic signature. This electronic signature has the value of an handwritten signature between the two parties.


As part of these Terms, the terms below, the plural or singular, starting with a capital letter, have the following meanings:

  • "Client" means the entity or individual subscriber of the Service.
  • "Documentation" means any accompanying documentation and assistance made available by the Service Provider.
  • "Access Rights" means the customer's username and confidential password to access to the interface.
  • "Interface" refers to the online (web) access with access rights to such consultation and Customer Data.
  • "Party" means either of the parties in the context and "Parties" means collectively the Client and the service Provider.
  • "Clean Internet Network" means the Internet and technical facilities on which the Service Provider or the Client have direct control.
  • "Solution" represents all services made available by the Service Provider.These services, which include their own options are based on a technical solution of SaaS (Software as a Service) provider that has been developed by the Service Provider who is responsible for operating, maintaining and making available through links telecoms.
  • "SaaS", which stands for Software as a Service means the service provided by the Service, namely the delivery of applications on a rental model in which the customer accesses the Internet via a subscription and monthly fees.
  • "Private Mode" usage of the solution by the Client connected with personal identifiers
  • "Anonymous mode" usage of a part of the solution by a Customer which does not require any personnal identification
  • "Visitor" individual browsing the sitewho is not connected to any account whatsoever
  • "Package" all PHP files generated from a WSDL file via the form on the home page

2. Characteristics of services offered by the Service Provider

The Service Provider offers a service that enables its clients to generate a PHP library from a WSDL with a personnalized library name. For this, the Client must, through a form on the site, publish the WSDL by the following means:

  • The URL
  • The XML content
  • A file with the XML content.

The Client can also define options for the library generation.The list of options and their values are determined and can be changed by the user (they are those supported by the WsdlToPhp project itself).
Finally, the Client can also enter useful credentials when he chooses to submit the WSDL URL protected by a username and password.

To submit the WSDL, the Client who is not connected is subject to several constraints:

  • must enter a valid email address (only the domain name is verified)
  • must accept the fact that the generated WSDL and library will be public.There are visible to all users and can appear in search engines,
  • if the customer wishes to withdraw the WSDL and the library, he must submit a financial compensation of 15€ per WSDL to remove.

If the Client has an account, the publication of the WSDL is private, and therefore only visible in his account.

The Solution is optimized for Internet Explorer browser from version 8, Safari, Firefox from version 3.0, Chrome.


Unless otherwise formalized in a written agreement between the Service Provider and the Client, the Service is made for an indefinite period starting on the date of issue of the access rights.

4.Issuance Solutions

www.wsdltophp.com is of public access, containing a private account for each Client.

The Client may purchase a subscription or proceed to purchase credit without having registered and have provided all the specific information required to open an account.

4.1 For the duration of the works, the Service Provider agrees to deliver the SaaS Solution subscribed by the Client and to provide support and maintenance.In return, the Client pays the Service Provider a monthly fee for each subscribed Solution, or purchased credits, as needed. Service tarif conditions are detailed on Features and Pricing page.

4.2 Upon delivery of Client Access email rights, Solutions are deemed delivered.

4.3 Access rights are under the direct responsibility of the Client who will take all necessary measures so that they are not known to third parties or used by unauthorized persons. For safety reasons, in case of loss or replacement of its access rights, the Client may get new access rights upon written request.

4.4 The Client undertakes to comply more generally to all technical instructions that may be issued by the Provider for the use of the Service.

4.5 The Service Provider reserves the right to withdraw, without any compensation or any preparation Catalog functionality within one month notice. The Client is informed by simple notice issued by e-mail. Actions to recover data will be under his responsability.

5.Peculiarity of each service

5.1 Private Mode Service generation

5.1.1 The Private Mode generation implies that the Client is connected with personal identifiers.

5.1.2 The client can make as many generation it is allowed him by:

  • the type of account: Free, Advanced, Premium, Custom
  • credits that he bought on the Site

5.1.3 The Private Mode generation is subject to the same conditions than the anonymous mode. The client must submit an accessible WSDL and / or syntactically valid. The name of the library to generate must also comply with the rules set by the Site.

5.1.4 The Private mode allows the client not to be subject to the obligation to enter their email address.

5.2 Call of the Web Service

5.2.1 The Client must first generate a library in Private mode in order to call a web service.

5.2.2 The Calling of a web service is only authorized from a Library belonging solely to the Client. This means that a Client can not call a web service from a library generated in anonymous mode.

5.2.3 To call a Web Service, the Client must generate the Library by activating the following options:

  • Generate Wsdl mother class: yes
  • Generate Autoload File: Yes
  • Generation must have taken place without any error like this can happen and be indicated by the library on the generated page message "An error has occurred,Please refer to the original message:"

5.2.4 The Client is responsible for the options chosenfor the generation of the Library. The Service Provider shall not be liable for errors generated during web service calls from a library and that even if the options are the cause of errors during calls.

6.Service Provider Obligations

6.2 The Service Provider strives to provide a service free of defects but does not undertake the complete accuracy in the solution. However, the Provider shall carry out regular quality controls. The access to all features will not be uninterrupted or error-free operation: operation may be momentarily interrupted or degraded,but not limited , for maintenance or total or partial failure of telecommunication facilities provided by the operators. In case the service does not meet the requirements described in the Terms and / or does not comply with the rules of the art, the Service is committed to providing the best possible relevant patches and perform all backups necessary.

6.4 The Service Provider shall implement all reasonable measures to ensure that the information provided to the Client (Documentation, e-mails, electronic media, etc...) are compliant to directions and safety procedures that are usually imposed and especially free from virus known at the time of delivery.

6.5 It is recalled that the obligation of security charged to the Service Provider is an obligation of means.

7.Client Obligations

7.1 The Client agrees to:

It is up to the Client at his own expense and under its responsibility, to develop the technical capacity and the necessary skills to enter the site and carry out the operations without any recourse against the Supplier in the event of damage resulting from misunderstanding or manipulation, including for example in the generation or removal of data or information.

By placing an order, the Client agrees to have prepared all the information he needed, particularly to determine the suitability of features only subscribed to their needs, excluding any duty to advise or alert the provider.

Service provide information which will enable them to perform the service in the best conditions, expressing their needs in a clear and precise manner and without delay inform the Contractor of any event that may affect benefits or conditions of execution:

  • Service agreed to pay for the services consumed in the conditions and deadlines subscriptions ;
  • Provide a valid billing address and prevent any change in address or mode of payment ;
  • Maintain the confidentiality of access rights ;
  • Does not develop or sell services or products that compete with the provider and does not provide information to a competitor that may help.

The client certifies that he is the owner or have obtained the rightful owner authorisation for the use of all data or information used. The Client is solely responsible in regards to the Service Provider ; any costs or expenses related to the breach of this obligation ; fines or compensation of any kind will be charged to the Client due to a failure of the client in respect of the obligations presented in these terms.

8.Price, Payment, Refund, Upgrading and Downgrading

8.1 SaaS is granted on a monthly basis. Credit purchased are available at any time on the site.

8.2 Invoices are issued in electronic format, monthly periods start at the beginning of the term, and are available in the Interface. Client agrees to receive invoices by this mode of transmission.

8.3 An invoice that has not been disputed by the Client within fifteen (15) calendar days from the date of reception shall be deemed finally accepted by the latter in his principle and in amount.Protest against a bill does not not exempt from payment, whatsoever the case.

8.4 All invoices are payable net and without discount to fifteen (15) days of receipt of the invoice.The only term expires worth a notice to the Customer.

8.5 In the event of late payment or if a payment issued to the Provider is not honored:

  • any late payments made by the Client implies penalties due on the day after the agreed settlement date. The rate charged is equal to the interest rate applied by the European Central Bank to its most recent refinancing of plus 10 percentage points. These liquidated damages calculated on the amount of tax amounts due are payable without any reminder or notice are required (Article L441-6 of the Commercial Code).
  • the Service Provider may, in addition to the principal amount, apply recovery costs is EUR 50 plus VAT per month late.

Access to features may be suspended by the provider.

The use of features is possible again upon receipt by the Service Provider of the full payment.

8.6 All paid plans must enter a valid PayPal account. Free accounts are not required to provide a PayPal account.

8.7 An upgrade from the Free plan to any paying plan will immediately bill you.

8.8 The Service is billed in advance on a monthly basis and is non-refundable. There will be no refunds or credits for partial months of service, upgrade/downgrade refunds, or refunds for months unused with an open account. In order to treat everyone equally, no exceptions will be made.

8.9 For any upgrade or downgrade in plan level, you have to pay for the new fee and you will automatically be charged the new rate on your next billing cycle.

9.Tax and social legislation

The Service Provider declares to comply with the tax and social legislation applicable in the country of domicilation of the Provider.


10.1 The Service Provider is limited to direct damages to the exclusion of incidental or consequential damages such as business interruption, commercial loss, loss of goodwill, loss of orders, loss of profit or damage to the brand, which may result including misuse of Web Services by the Client. The total aggregate liability of the Service Prodiver shall not exceed the annual value of the contractual relationship.

10.2 The Service Provider shall not be liable:

In cases of force majeure as provided for in section "Force Majeure":

  • In the event of unavailability of the Service, if these problems are related to circumstances not dependent on the Service Provider's own Internet Network, and in particular should the Customer's own Internet Nework note be available ;
  • If the equipment used by the Client (browsers) does not comply with the technical requirements ;
  • For any technical problems with the Client's equipment or their own Internet Network ;
  • In case of service interuption programmed by the Service Provider for maintenance reasons including updates corrective and / or evolutionary Service cut ;
  • In the case of poorly defined parameters of web service call by the Client ;
  • In poor generation of the library by the Client ;
  • In case of errors during the generation of the library by the Client.

11.Force majeure

11.1 The force majeure are those defined by the courts. Parties can not be held liable for failure to perform its obligations if such failure is due to force majeure, provided that each Party undertakes to minimize the consequences for the other.

11.2 However, beyond a period of ninety (90) calendar days of interruption due to force majeure, either party may choose to terminate the contract. The termination will be noticed by emailsent to the other Party, without compensation of any kind of either side. Termination shall take effect upon receipt of this notification.

12.Intellectual Property

12.1 As part of its SaaS solutions, the Provider grants to the Client a right to use the database www.wsdltophp.com data. The Service Prodvider hereby grants to the Client any ownership on the basis of www.wsdltophp.com data itself (the container).The Client is forbidden to decompile, decode, copy, modify or dismantle the www.wsdltophp.com database. It is also forbidden to copy the documentation made available, except for its own use, handling and / or use the database in a way that could directly or indirectly compete with the Service Provider.

12.2 The Service Provider shall, as a database producer remain the owner of the intellectual property rights attached to the www.wsdltophp.com database which assembles the data in an original way, the orders and enriched by a specific treatment and meaningful comparisons.In a more general way, the Service Provider owns and retains all rights and title www.wsdltophp.com intellectual property relating to its solutions and its technology.

12.3 The Client is the sole owner of the data contained in the www.wsdltophp.com database and of the intellectual properties attached. The Customer shall include freedom to publish and / or disseminate information on a recurring basis from data available through the Solutions.

12.4 The Client undertakes to simply place the mention of moral rights of the Service Provider ("Source www.wsdltophp.com") on any reproduction and / or representation of elements and / or data extracted using the solutions that could be required to disclose to third parties (prospects, customers, press, other media outlets, etc..) and the accompanying particulars necessary to the intelligibility of the elements or data submitted to any reproduction and / or representation of elements and / or data extracted using the solutions that may be required to disclose to third parties, the Cmient shall not make any changes to the information provided by the Service provider.

13.Agreement of proof

The Parties may claim for the purposes of evidence, particularly in cases of dispute payment of all data, files, transactions, reports, products, dialed, received and / or maintained in electronic form or electronically or directly or indirectly by any Party. Each Party undertakes not to challenge the admissibility, validity, enforceability or the probative value of the above, on the basis of any legal provision whatsoever which specifies that certain documents must be written and signed by the Parties to serve as proof.

14.Personal data

14.1 The Client, in its capacity as owner of the data, remains solely responsible for any tax treatment of personal data to the competent authorities.

14.2 In accordance with national regulations relating to computers, files and freedoms, within the framework of the execution of the service, the Client will have a right of access, communicate and correct any personal data. Any request should be sent in writing to the Service Provider.

14.3 The privacy policy is available on the Service Provider's website at the following address https://www.wsdltophp.com/About-this-website/Privacy-Policy.


15.1 The Service Prodvider shall not disclose any Customer Data. These will be kept strictly confidential and will not be disclosed to anyone, in any way, even after the termination of the service for any reason whatsoever and without time limit, unless prior written consent of the Client.

15.2 The Client, however, allow the use of these data by the Service Provider as part of its statistical comparison service. The only information that can be exploited and disseminated by the Service Provider will be global, aggregated and non-identifying.Any other use is subject to the prior written consent of the Client.

15.3 There may be an exception to this confidentiality clause in case of request of the judicial authorities requiring the Service Provider to produce information relating to an investigation, without possibilities to invoque professionnal secrecy, except for legitimate reasons. The Service Provider shall notify the Client of any such request.


The Client authorizes the Service Provider to mention his name and logo as a commercial reference to any useful support such as the insertion of a hyperlink on its website redirecting to the customer's site. This free of charge statement can not be the subject of any compensation or remuneration of any manner whatsoever. The Client may terminate this authorization at any time upon written notification.

17.Suspension of access to the Solution(s)

17.1 In the event of late payment the Client access to features may be suspended by the Service provider in default of the Client response within eight (8) calendar days of its receipt.

17.2 Access to functionality is restored upon reception of full payment by the Service Provider. All of the client service are again available for the Client. 

18.Termination of an option or a solution

Unless otherwise formalized in a written agreement between the Service Provider and the Client, the Client may terminate a feature without ending the entire service. In this case, the Client will no longer have access to all relevant features from the termination date of the option or the solution.

19.Total Termination / End of service

19.1 Unless otherwise formalized in a written agreement between the Provider and the Client contract provision, the Client is free to unilaterally terminate the service at any time upon written notification. A started month is due.

19.2 Each Party shall be entitled, without prejudice to any damages, to require the automatic termination of the contractual relationship in case of serious breach by the other party to one or more of its obligations which it has not cured within thirty (30) calendar days of notification of the breach by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt.

19.3 Notwithstanding the preceding clause, the Service Provider shall be entitled to automatically terminate the contractual relationship for non-payment of the Client after formal notice has no effect for fifteen (15) calendar days.

19.4 At the end of the Service, the Client has no longer access to its interface and therefore its history.

20.Applicable Law / Competent Jurisdiction

The Terms are governed by French law. Any dispute arising from the interpretation or execution of the service, shall be submitted for amicable settlement. The Parties agree to this effect to meet to resolve their dispute in a meeting organized at the initiative of any of the Parties. In the absence of settlement, any dispute likely to arise between the Parties concerning the formation, execution, interpretation or termination of the general conditions of sale shall come under the sole jurisdiction of the Bordeaux (France) Commercial Court, Including cases of summary jurisdiction, ex parte proceeding or several defendants.

21.General provisions

21.1 The Service Provider may involve its subsidiaries in the service and / or billing of its Clients.

21.2 If a provision is deemed to be null and voir or inaplicable, particularly with regard to a rule of law, it shall be deemed unwritten, althought this shall not result int the nullity of the General Conditions of Sale. Should this concern an essential provision, the Service Provider will modify the Geranl Conditions of Sale as a result.

21.3 Should one of the Parties not seek application or should there be a delay in seeking application of a clause of the General Conditions of Sale, this shall not be interpreted as a waiver of their right to seek application of this clause in the future.

21.4 Except as otherwise agreed, the provision of the Service is governed by the present General Conditions of Sales exclusively, which will prevail upon any other provision coming from the Client's documents, and in particular from its general and specific conditions of purchase. In this way, any reference to a purchase order issued by the Customer cannot be interpreted as an approval of any condition other than the present General Conditions of Sale and is only a favour granted to the Client in the managing the invoices of its suppliers.