About the icons

In order to represent available actions, we use icons so it's pretty explicit and doesn't need much place to display it in the favor of more important information.

Despite this, we thought that listing these icons and indicating their goal could be a real help.

Icons used with Bootstrap that come from Glyphicons:

  • Tooltip information - WSDL to php: on hover, it displays informations about the element it's attached to
  • Read PHP Documentation - WSDL to php: when clicked, it sends you to the PHP Documentation tab for the current package
  • Execute package - WSDL to php: when clicked, it sends you to the execution tab for the current package
  • Download a file - WSDL to php: when clicked, sends back the file the icon is attached to
  • An operation, a service - WSDL to php: represents an operation defined in the WSDL that you can call from the intuitive web interface or by our REST Web Service
  • Lock - WSDL to php: indicates that the current element it is attached to is private and is only visible by you
  • Refresh - WSDL to php: allows to reload the current element data it is attached to
  • trash - WSDL to php: used to identify a link that can remove/delete the current element it is associated to
  • Hard Disk Drive - WSDL to php: identify the availibity to save a data in the platform
  • Folder - WSDL to php: represents the folder of the saved data

PhpDocumentor icons:

  • Classes tree - WSDL to php: the classes tree
  • A package - WSDL to php: a package
  • PHP Class - WSDL to php: a class
  • PHP Static Method - WSDL to php: a method
  • PHP Constant - WSDL to php: a constant
  • PHP Variable - WSDL to php: a variable
  • PHP Private Variable - WSDL to php: a private variable
  • PHP Constructor - WSDL to php: the class constructor

Dynatree icon:

  • Folder - WSDL to php: a folder

Miscellanous icons:

  • Loading - WSDL to php: data are being loaded from the server, you must wait the end of the process to be able to make a new action
  • PHP file - WSDL to php: a PHP file