About this website

Wsdl to php is the mix between eZ Publish and my project WsdlToPhp.

What about eZ Publish?

eZ Publish is a well known CMS and does not need to be presented. If you don't know it yet, you can to the eZ Publish corporate website. I use it for all my new projects because it's friendly and easy to use. It provides a good base to start anything and has a lot of good features.

What about WsdlToPhp?

This project is born when I had to work with SOAP WebServices, especially using them to communicate with Sharepoint SOAP WebServices. I had to deal with a lot of methods provided by this server. So I had two options:

  1. code each needed method one by one and potentially code them heterogeneously
  2. code a code which generates automatically all the provided methods and ensures the code's homogeneity

As I am a little bit lazy and attached to homogenious code, I chose the second method. I so developped a procedural code that reads the WSDL, analyzes it and generates hierarchical classes representing structs, operations and enumerations.

Some time after that, I took some time to develop it using objects, adding generation options... and my mania began! I tested it with lots of SOAP WebServices found thanks to:

You can access all the project sources and samples on:

So, what about eZ Publish and WsdlToPhp?

My goal is to provide an easy to use online tool which should allow anyone to generate his own WsdlToPhp classes whithout having to host it on a specific server running the good PHP version, having the minimum requirements to run the code.

So, this online tool provides:

  • the possibility to choose the origin to generate the classes from
  • the possibility to customize the options on how to generate them
  • the possibility to get all the generated classes within a zip archive
  • the possibility to find it later again because the generation is historized
  • the possibility to test the package online (soon)

I hope you'll be pleased by this online tool. In any case, feel free to send me messages via the contact page.

Help me spend more time on this tool in order to improve it!

As you know, working on innovatives concepts requires time and money. And the more money I have, the faster I will work on improving it ;-).

So if you feel generous and have a lot of money (or even a few) to share, feel free to donate. Thanks.